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Board Meeting Notes 3/13/13

BACE general meeting – Wed March 13, 2013 @ Noisebridge

Chun Key (sp?) – Bay bucks, TransitionSF

1. Email, using google apps?
– Seth: we need a tax id that matches the organization’s name, problem with working with Google.
– Stan: we could get a tax id with our name, OK to have multiple id’s under one organization for tax purposes.
– Seth will wait 2 weeks, hopefully it’ll work out with Google or we’ll create a gmail account.

2. Accounting / Bank account
– we need to keep good records, for expenses, etc.
– set up a public google spreadsheet?

3. Legal Questions
– no additional legal protection from… ??
– fine to call ourselves the “board”
– what are officers legally liable for?
– none liable except for own direct action
– ISEC is liable, and they have insurance
– we could add indemnity clause to member agreement for extra protection
– tax ID? our tax ID is ISEC’s tax ID

4. BACE website
– identify biggest issues
– Amber & Rick will work on content
– Amber will post requests on the timebank for UI/design, wordpress, and ruby/rails help.
– Carl, Rick, Amber will work on list of deliverables so we can better estimate a timeline for website.  Will work on this next tech meeting (likely Wed next week)

5. Blog
– Seth managing blog for now, but not writing content.
– Amber suggests we send out a newsletter soon.
– plan to get a newsletter finished by Fri 3/29 to be sent out by Tues 4/2.

6. Board responsibilities
– see Rick’s post to mailing list “Tonight’s Agenda” dated 3/13/2013
– some talk about bringing more people in to meetings and encourage board membership since we’re currently low.
– Carl suggests having next general meeting at Sudo Room in Oakland.

7. Recognition for people taking risks on our behalf

* Documentary about Money “Money & Life”
SF: 4/10 7pm, Roxie Theatre
Oakland: 4/11 7pm, New Parkway Theater

* TransitionSF eventbrite event next Mon 3/18
“Shaking up the Money Status Quo: The untold story of Local Currency”

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