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BACE General Meeting Wednesday August 14th at Sudo Room


Hello BACE enthusiasts! We’re trying something new.

At this month’s General Meeting, we’ll meet altogether for an hour, instead of two, keeping the meeting very focused. After that hour, we’ll break out into small groups. Each group will be responsible for dividing up action items among the volunteers in that group.

The meeting is August 14th at Sudo Room in Oakland, 8:00 PM. Come at 7:30 for general info and questions.

We want to create a flexible and repeatable way for volunteers to plug in where they want to, and where help is needed. Let’s try it and see if it works! If you could do one thing for August/September, if would make a huge difference.

Some tasks volunteers can help with:

posting monthly events online
making and posting fliers
taking meeting notes
writing blog articles
answering emails
formatting the newsletter
crediting hours for meeting attendance

If more volunteers can help with tasks like these, BACE organizers (who are also volunteers) can pay better attention to the overall health of BACE, so that we will not just survive but thrive.

Everyone receives time bank hours for work the work they do.
Our aim is to have one meeting and one party a month. Parties are the time for community, and meetings are the time for BACE’s organizational needs. We’ll have orientations and answer questions 30 minutes before meetings and anytime during parties.

For this month’s meeting we’ll also discuss what nights of the week people prefer, and if the Oakland meetings are working better than the SF ones or vice versa.

Agenda link for the General Meeting is here

Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm. Now let’s see what we can do!

-amber BACE board volunteer

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