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February 2014 – BACE Board Meeting Notes

BACE meeting minutes • Sudo Room • 5 Feb 2014 FINAL


Present: Wendy Yu, Megan Stoddard, Emily Wheeler, Carl Gorringe, Ricardo

Simon, José Henriquez


1. Removal from volunteer list

Someone has posted personal attacks on the volunteer list. This isn’t

acceptable. Megan will email him to give him a warning that another such

attack will result in removal from the list.


2. Volunteer tech lead needed

We urgently need a new tech lead. Carl has been doing this work for too

long and is very busy with other tasks at present. He will get account info

and other info ready to hand off to the new lead. Emily will write a

volunteer job description. Rick will post it on the Sudo Room and

Noisebridge lists. Emily will post it other places.


3. BACE bank accounts

We need to close our account with Patelco and deposit the money in our

other account at SF Fire Federal Credit Union. Ricardo will do this. He will

also pay Carl the money that he is owed by BACE.


Megan and Emily will arrange to have their names added to the SF Fire



4. Support emails

Megan has been responding to emails requesting support in using the BACE

website. She will hand off this responsibility to Emily for now. Megan and

Emily will devise a system for sharing the work.


5. DIY festival

BACE will put on a DIY Festival in East Oakland. It will be similar to the

Urban Homestead Festival in San Francisco in 2012. The tentative date is

Saturday, June 21st

formed: Ricardo, José, and Emily. Emily will research possible venues such

as San Antonio Park.


6. Vocabulary

BACE is considering changing the terms used to describe BACE people and



a. Instead of being on the “board,” those doing BACE work would be

“staff.” Any members of the collective who are at a BACE meeting or

– the summer solstice. A festival working group was

contributing hours to BACE projects would by definition be on the



b. Instead of “governance,” the work of the staff would be considered



c. When the website content is revised, references to money and

payments would be eliminated.


7. Volunteer coordinator

Emily has offered to be the volunteer coordinator. She will keep track of

what tasks need to be done and who has offered to do them.


8. New meeting times

We will continue to meet on first Wednesdays and to alternate between San

Francisco and Oakland. The new meeting times will be:

6:30 – 7:00 Pre-meeting orientation for those new to BACE

7:00 – 8:00 General meeting

8:00 – 8:30 Post-meeting “nuts and bolts” discussion


Carl will change the meeting times on the Sudo Room and Noisebridge

wikis. He will also change the MeetUp listing.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5th, at Noisebridge.

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