BACE General Meeting Wednesday August 14th at Sudo Room


Hello BACE enthusiasts! We’re trying something new.

At this month’s General Meeting, we’ll meet altogether for an hour, instead of two, keeping the meeting very focused. After that hour, we’ll break out into small groups. Each group will be responsible for dividing up action items among the volunteers in that group.

The meeting is August 14th at Sudo Room in Oakland, 8:00 PM. Come at 7:30 for general info and questions.

We want to create a flexible and repeatable way for volunteers to plug in where they want to, and where help is needed. Let’s try it and see if it works! If you could do one thing for August/September, if would make a huge difference.

Some tasks volunteers can help with:

posting monthly events online
making and posting fliers
taking meeting notes
writing blog articles
answering emails
formatting the newsletter
crediting hours for meeting attendance

If more volunteers can help with tasks like these, BACE organizers (who are also volunteers) can pay better attention to the overall health of BACE, so that we will not just survive but thrive.

Everyone receives time bank hours for work the work they do.
Our aim is to have one meeting and one party a month. Parties are the time for community, and meetings are the time for BACE’s organizational needs. We’ll have orientations and answer questions 30 minutes before meetings and anytime during parties.

For this month’s meeting we’ll also discuss what nights of the week people prefer, and if the Oakland meetings are working better than the SF ones or vice versa.

Agenda link for the General Meeting is here

Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm. Now let’s see what we can do!

-amber BACE board volunteer

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New Economy Huddle Flier

The New Economy Huddle

Flier for Friday’s event. Print ‘em and post ‘em!

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The New Economy Huddle

Come join us for a public presentation and brainstorm for future events to usher in The New Economy. This Friday’s Huddle is being co-presented by BACE and EBBX–East Bay Barter Exchange. It will be an open format inviting input from members of our community for designing robust cash-free systems of exchange. We invite all to bring a dish to share in pot-luck and your thoughts for what ways would cash-free methods of currency inspire you the most. We look forward to your joining us–

@ the Community Space of Sudoroom and the Public School

2141 Broadway@22nd *Note––entrance on 22nd Street

freight elevator, stow your bike upstairs. Wheelchair accessible.

Friday August 2nd, 6-9pm

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POSSE Party July 19th, 2013 at Sudo Room in Downtown Oakland, 6-9 PM


We’re reviving monthly POSSE parties, 3rd Fridays at Sudo Room in Downtown Oakland. Can we say, “yaaaay”? Spread the word to your friends, family, and community! We’ll have food, skill-shares, childcare, and gift circles.

Event is wheelchair accessible.

For info on getting to Sudo Room, check out the website:

You can RSVP on our Facebook page or Meetup


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“What am I, some kind of elitist?” On becoming a BACE board member by Amber

In 2009 my relationship with Bay Area Community Exchange began when I made a video about the grassroots (or solidarity) economy. (In fact, you can watch it here!) It earned me about 50 hours on the time bank and I was off and running.

Not only was I ready with hours, I was ready with knowledge that was new to me. Interviewing the organizers of the Grassroots Economics Festival gave me a lot to think about, as far as what is possible outside the mainstream economy.

After becoming a mother, I looked to the time bank for a model to find access to childcare, for one thing. Then I started volunteering with BACE to make sure that the needs of families and kids were considered in planning events, such as POSSE Parties.

My ideas and energy were well-received. It felt great! I’ve worked a lot of jobs where ideas were shot down by bosses who weren’t paying me to think, so they said. BACE is a collective, so that means board members, volunteers, and active time bank users decide what the priorities are. (One challenge with that, of course, is that we often find our long list of ideas limited by our own schedules, resources, and ability to follow through.)

I actively volunteered for over 2 years before nominating myself to become a board member (the standard procedure in joining the board). My hesitance was that as a white lady, joining a board with an already white majority reflected the toxic alignment of power that keeps people of color on the outskirts of not only the mainstream economy but also some “alternative” and supposedly “progressive” movements as well. This remains in the front of my mind.

I also felt that a board, by its very nature, is an elite power structure. Comfortable in staying outside of it, I participated at arm’s-length by doing the work I felt suited for, attending meetings, and exercising my vote. I kept reading about collectives and non-hierarchical organizing structures to learn more. (For example and its counterpoint offered a “second-wave” feminist take on the subject.)

But then the board membership began to shrink, and I saw that my presence was indeed needed—that as a parent, a youth development worker, a feminist, an artist, a skeptic, and a voracious reader of anti-racist analysis, I might be able to make a meaningful impact within and through BACE.

I also saw that whether or not my power was explicitly stated as a board member or implicitly exercised as an extremely active volunteer, it was still power. Naming it and using it responsibly felt better than acting like it was non-existent or somehow not accountable to anyone.

So last month, the attendees of the planning meeting in Oakland went ahead and voted me as a board member. Yay! I’m planning to occupy the seat for 6 months, and during that time I want to hit some goals.

We definitely have our work cut out for us with upcoming website changes, continuing relationships with community organizations, volunteer outreach, and the return of POSSE parties. (Can’t wait for more of those!) We are also working as a board to provide curriculum to use in the community, and trainings for people interested in becoming board members—learning new leadership skills, and sharing theirs with us.

And I would love to talk and work more deeply with people in uprooting structural racism, sexism, ableism, and intersections of oppression, and connecting economic justice work like time banking, for example, to these efforts. What are the benefits of time banking as a solution to inequality? What are the risks? How does it look different in our differing communities? What are the challenges? What other models of mutual aid can we learn from?

Please feel free to email if you have some thoughts to share, or call me at 415-699-7011. I will do my best to answer in a timely way.

Power, freedom, survival, and consciousness to the people!

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Meetings Relocated

Until April 2013, all BACE general meetings were held at Noisebridge on the second Wednesday of every month. Starting then, if you were watching the sidebar on the homepage, you may have noticed a change. April’s meeting was held at the Sudo Room in Oakland instead. May’s meeting will be held back at Noisebridge, June’s at the Sudo Room, and so on.

Currently, we are holding the general meeting at the Sudo Room in even numbered months and at Noisebridge in odd numbered months. The plan is to continue this arrangement for six months, then re-evaluate it and determine if we should continue to alternate meeting locations between Noisebridge and the Sudo Room or choose another arrangement.

The decision to alternate meeting spaces was made largely so that we could better accommodate both San Francisco and East Bay members. Wherever we hold our meetings, we realize that some people will have to cross the bay, that some who would be able to attend at Noisebridge can’t make it to the Sudo Room, and vice versa. On the plus side, alternating meeting spaces allows a greater range of people to attend the meetings, even if it means that some can no longer do so every month.

All general meetings are open to all BACE members, and all meeting attendees are welcome to make proposals and to vote on them. If you have an opinion on this or any other Timebank issue, please come to a meeting and make your voice heard! And if you cannot attend a meeting, you are welcome to email your thoughts, questions, and suggestions to

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