BACE provides crucial support to its projects in a myriad of possible ways including: feedback on currency development and design, technical support, networking, education, theoretical discussion, financing for nonprofit work, and organizing. We do this through hosting in person and online discussions, conferences, public events, and an online library. If you would like BACE to support your currency project or if you would like to support one of our existing projects, contact mira(at)

Timebank (also called Bay Area Community Exchange) – The Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank is a community of reciprocal exchange that aims to create a resilient web of relationships between individuals and with community service organizations. The Timebank helps facilitate better communication and distribution of resources while encouraging community-building through more in person contact at complementary events, classes, skillshares, swaps, nonprofit volunteering opportunities and organizational partnerships. The foundation of the Timebank is a free, open source online directory, reputation and accounting system (

Time for Change – A project in concept phase to provide a physical space to exchange time dollars. This community center would be focused on facilitating exchanges through the timebank with no required exchange of federal reserve dollars. Services would eventually include a volunteer cafe, time dollar store and space for community events and service exchanges, such as healing services. Time dollar stores and service centers have a history of success. During the last 2 great depressions in the US, these kinds of projects supported 100’s of thousands of poor when the government failed to. In St. Louis, there are 8 successful time dollar stores as part of a timebank, and one in Madison, Wisconsin. This project primarily needs funding or a property donation to buy a building in San Francisco, Oakland or South Berkeley, which would likely go into a community land trust so that rental costs would not be passed onto the low or no income populations using the service. Contact mira (at) to help with this project.

Sonoma Farmers market and vintage currency – Sonoma Local Currency Addendum for the 3-4 organizations that are proposing to manage the Farmers Market to use as part of their proposal. Currency system is dollar based so the currency can be exchanged in the market or at a local community bank. One unique aspect of the currency is to have 3 versions, each representing a certain local cause (environmental sustainability, music/arts, civic health & well being), so that the people behind each cause are motivated to use “their” currency. Revenues from the sale of mint proofs go towards funding non profits associated with each cause.

TouchPoint Software – Marc Armstrong is looking for a development partner to fund this software so that it may be implemented. Software consists of a social network with two levels (individual members with a positive balance and businesses that can go either positive or negative), a marketplace similar to Craigslist, an accounting application to keep track of member transactions and balances, and a payment subsystem.

Reciprocity Inc. – Reciprocity is a software innovation start-up, develops reward and recognition systems, and is currently focused on the Sustainable Industry. The rewards used in Platform Recipro are backed by sustainable resources, fully traceable and trackable, have monetary value, and encourage participation in corporate sustainability programs. Platform Recipro enables corporations and individuals to reward positive impact, and share those achievements with customers. Based in San Francisco, Reciprocity has grown with the help of the BACE network, and several Reciprocity people are involved in other BACE projects.

Bernal Bucks – Bernal Bucks are regular 5 or 10 Dollar bills tagged with a “Bernal” sticker. The tag stickers can be obtained at the Neighborhood Center and some stores like Cole Hardware and Heartfelt. They are given as acknowledgments when people donate to local causes, like the Neighborhood Center or the Library Campaign. Since the stickers are easily removable, they are not considered an alteration of money. Holders of Bernal Bucks essentially pledge to spend the money in the neighborhood, thus supporting the local economy. The goal: keeping the tagged dollars circulating in the neighborhood as long as possible. Those who want to follow the journey of the Bernal Bucks, can use the unique identifier on each tag to log them on the website.

Sustaining Technologies – Sustaining Technologies is a worker-owned and cooperatively managed (one owner = one vote) LLC providing community economic development solutions. We envision communities that have the will to build vibrant and resilient local economies, equipped with effective tools to harness the power of local money and the economic multiplier.

Sonoma Go Local Rewards Card – The Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative is a network of locally-owned businesses, citizens, non-profit organizations, and government agencies working together to build a resilient, thriving, local economy by supporting local, independently owned businesses and promoting sustainable practices.  Sonoma Go Local has a local rewards card.

Santa Cruz New Earth Exchange – New Earth Exchange is an alternative currency food and healthcare network in development.

Oakland Acorn – A currency being proposed as an addition to a municipal ID/debit card program to the Oakland City Council.

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