BACE Timebank Events

  • Potlucks – Yummy!  Great way to meet people in person. (Temporarily suspended due to pandemic).
  • Skillshares – Online opportunity to meet and restate requests/offers. (Temporarily suspended).  


30 No/Low-Contact Exchange Ideas
Culture of Repair
Fix-it Clinics
Transition Berkeley’s Repair Café

If you know of other resources, please email us.


Timebank Partners

MyNabes Logo


MyNabes is an incredibly positive neighborhood app that promotes innovative collaborative use, mutual aid, and revitalization of local communities through kindness and collaboration while aiming to create a social bond that will, hopefully, continue to flourish once social distancing is no longer needed. When communities work together, reliable and strong neighborhoods become a reality. MyNabes doesn’t have a comment section; if users want to respond to a request, it’s done via private chat. You ask for help or offer something, and someone responds. It’s as simple as that! It’s important that we can count on each other in our communities.

Upcoming Events