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How to Timebank

Using the BACE Timebank is easy, easy, easy!

  1. Read Timebanking 101 and the subpages under that menu.
  2. Join the Timebank. (Provide your real name and working email. Accept Member Agreement.)
  3. Log in, complete your profile and make a request or offer. View the help menu there, if needed.

The email address you provide when registering for a Timebank member account is used to verify your account. However, this email address is not made public to Timebank members. The Timebank has its own webmail system where you can communicate with members through your Timebank Inbox. The Timebank also forwards notifications to this email address to let you know you have a message waiting in your Timebank Inbox (an option that can be turned off by unchecking “Messages” in your profile.)

NOTE:  The Timebank has always offered the opportunity to do exchanges virtually. During the pandemic, timebankers are encouraged to do exchanges virtually and/or by follow the recommendations of their county regarding masking, social distancing, and hand-sanitizing and any other recommendations. The Timebank has suspended its in-person potluck until further notice.