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Our Affiliations

BACE Timebank is affiliated and/or supports the efforts of the following organizations through exchanges of services for time, reciprocal promotion on social media, and donations:

International Society for Ecology and Culture, BACE’s fiscal sponsor.

Omni Commons (Oakland, CA).  Omni Commons (OC) is a group of nine collectives in San Francisco‘s Bay Area devoted to DIY and community education. Some leaders of the BACE Timebank are members of one of more of the OC collectives. BACE Timebanks holds it potlucks and other events at OC.

Framilies Timebank (Peninsula, Belmont-Redwood Shores and San Carlos School Districts). New in 2024, Framilies Timebank recreates the oldest community concept – the village. We help neighbors connect and exchange services like carpools to/from school and extracurriculars, before/after school care, pet and house sitting, and prepared meals. TimebankNew in 2024, a timebank for people on the move, traveling, or otherwise in transition. They have no “fixed” or “permanent” place in mind where they abide constantly. 


Scarborough Time Bank (Ontario, Canada). While the Scarborough Timebank observes the core values of timebanking, it seeks to experiment with the Community Currency concept and merge it with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Their goal is to align timebank earnings to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, starting from the bottom and working towards Self Actualization (Currently re-imagining, re-constructing).

MyNabes Logo MyNabes is an incredibly positive neighborhood app that promotes innovative collaborative use, mutual aid, and revitalization of local communities through kindness and collaboration while aiming to create a social bond that will, hopefully, continue to flourish once social distancing is no longer needed. When communities work together, reliable and strong neighborhoods become a reality. MyNabes doesn’t have a comment section; if users want to respond to a request, it’s done via private chat. You ask for help or offer something, and someone responds. It’s as simple as that! It’s important that we can count on each other in our communities.”