Current BACE Team Members

Rick Simon is from Miami, Fla. and has been a passionate advocate for what he calls “cooperative economics” for more than 20 years. That passion led him to follow through on a long time dream to move to the SF bay area. He now volunteers with NoBAWC (Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives), is one of the founders of JASecon (host of the “grassroots economy festival”), and is an organizer for the BACE Timebank. His new dream is to bring together the different pieces of the”grassroots economy” to make a better world possible. Rick is also on the Steering Committee.

Nicole Wires is originally from Boulder, CO and has been living, organizing, and dreaming in the SF Bay Area for ten years.  She is passionate about building a local, sustainable, resilient community food system and ending mass incarceration and dismantling the prison industrial complex.  She draws inspiration from radical Bay Area organizers who helped articulate a vision for a better world free of exploitation.

Megan Stoddard: Bio forthcoming

Emily Wheeler: Bio forthcoming

Emeritus BACE Team Members

Mira Luna is the coordinator for BACE, leads the BACE Timebank, and is on the Steering Committee. She holds an MA in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community with an emphasis in Activism and Social Change and a BA in Environmental Studies. Mira has worked for over 12 years as an environmental and social justice activist on issues such as sustainable and urban agriculture, sweatshops, nuclear waste, toxics, the precautionary principle and GE foods. She has worked at many nonprofits, as a state level legislative policy analyst, consultant to environmental agencies, and as faculty and program coordinator at New College. She also helps coordinate JASecon, Transition SF and the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives and in on the Board of the US Solidarity Economy Network and Magazine. Transition SF. She is a well known speaker and writer on the new economy, focusing on alternative exchange systems. Mira has personally experienced significant economic challenges due to disability and believes that people most affected by these challenges can create the solutions to overcome them in community with the appropriate resources.

Seth Mazow dove into timebanking as soon as he heard about it.  He has volunteered and worked with many nonprofits, and started the first blog by any international NGO while at ReSurge International.  He also spearheaded the re-licensing of “A Story of Healing” under a Creative Commons license, making it the first Academy Award winning movie to be CC-licensed.  After a frustrating spell working in Texas politics, he moved back to San Francisco and founded Live Local Mission, a loyalty card/app for the Mission.  He once held his hand on an eggplant sub for over 30 hours to win a free year of pizza, and is a proven champion.

Anthony Di Franco serves on the steering committee of BACE and organizes the BACE presentations and discussions on the BACE food currency project. He studied information theory and the theory of complex adaptive systems at Yale university, then went on to work at several tech startups on various projects including the quantitative modeling of networks and natural language text. He has been passionate about the potential of community-based economic systems for over ten years, and this led him to work on building a model of the stabilizing effects of Bernard Lietaer’s proposed Terra currency on the global macroeconomy in 2007 with Lietaer’s working group of complexity theorists. He keeps an eye open to topics in the theory of networks and wealth condensation relevant to community-based economic systems, as well as to those in the intersection of complex adaptive systems, artificial intelligence, and strategy in adversarial settings.



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