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What’s Timebanking

Timebanking is the process of people exchanging services and goods for units of time (credit hours).  Timebanking builds resilient communities by

  • valuing the individual’s skills and talents
  • enhancing the individual’s quality of life regardless of income 
  • making more services accessible to more people

BACE Timebank is designed to promote the exchange of non-commercial services and goods with units of time. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to join. All members are asked to adhere to five principles of timebanking:  everyone is an asset, redefining work, reciprocity, social networks, and respect individuals at where they are and not where you want them to be.  Organizations use the Timebank somewhat differently than individuals merely because of their structure, and they use it with some limitations to ensure their use is consistent with the principles of timebanking.

Our members earn hours by attending BACE Timebank events, potlucks or work requests, or by offering a skill/good and completing an exchange with another member. Members don’t need a positive time balance to receive services from other Timebank members. Time debt is allowed.


To learn how to use the BACE Timebank, see How to Timebank.