Jul 2022  Timebank launches it Earning for Learning webinars

Jul 2022  First recipient of the Edgar Cahn "Seeds of Change" Legacy Award

Jun 2022  Timebank onboards its first intern

Sep 2021  Timebank staff interviewed on Broken Record Radio Show

Sep 2021  Timebank staff join town hall with Edgar Cahn & Christine Gray

Mar 2021  Timebank celebrates International Timebank Day

Jan 2021  Timebank partners with MyNabes.com

Aug 2020  First-ever Green fundraising award from Johnson & Johnson, Vacaville, CA

Aug 2020  Launch of Patreon fundraising webpage

2020 Q2   Newsletter, Spring 2020

2019 Q4   Newsletter, Fall 2019

Jul 2019  Annual Planning Meeting & Potluck

Apr 2019  Membership and Fundraising drives underway

Feb 2019  Public outreach event to Sonoma County

Feb 2019  First potluck of 2019 at Omni Commons

Feb 2019  First Membership Survey launched (Report)

Jan 2019  Onboard new volunteer Lead for Sonoma County hub

Oct 2018  Public and member-only websites get major update

Sept 2018 New co-webmaster joins our team

Mar 2012  BACE organizers establish a Timebank Meetup group

2012 Q2  BACE creates a Facebook page for the Timebank (info pending)

2009 Q4  BACE creates the Timebank

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