Our Vision: A more resilient, sustainable, and fair economy based on relationships, trust and sharing among individuals and community service organizations that strengthens community bonds and empowers people living/working in the Bay Area, California to meet their needs regardless of their income.

Our Mission: To build and maintain an active timebank, to facilitate in-person connections, to encourage community service organizations to timebank their volunteers, to outreach to economically underserved populations, and to maintain the practice of timebanking within our operations.

NOTE:  While the Timebank is open to the general public, it is not designed to provide basic services related to obtaining documentation, housing, food, clean water, healthcare or jobs. See Resources.

HEALTH/DISASTERS:  The Timebank has always offered the opportunity to do exchanges virtually. During the COVID-19 pandemic and/or disasters, timebankers are encouraged to do exchanges virtually and to follow the recommendations of their county regarding masking, social distancing, and hand-sanitizing and any other safety recommendations. The Timebank has suspended its in-person potluck until further notice.

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