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Our Vision, Mission, and Service

Our Vision: A more resilient, sustainable, and fair economy based on relationships, trust and sharing among individuals and community service organizations that strengthens community bonds and empowers people living/working in the Bay Area, California to meet their needs regardless of their income.

Our Mission: To build and maintain an active timebank, to facilitate in-person connections, to encourage community service organizations to timebank their volunteers, to outreach to economically underserved populations, and to maintain the practice of timebanking within our operations.

Our Service:  The BACE Timebank serves the general population of the Greater San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area and is considered a general purpose timebank. The BACE Timebank was not designed to support special interests (e.g., a timebank for chefs, a jobs timebank, etc.). While the Timebank is not equipped to provide basic services such as obtaining documentation, housing, food, clean water, healthcare or jobs, please see Resources.

HEALTH/DISASTERS:  The Timebank has always offered the opportunity to do exchanges virtually. During the COVID-19 pandemic and/or disasters, timebankers are encouraged to do exchanges virtually and to follow the recommendations of their county regarding masking, social distancing, and hand-sanitizing and any other safety recommendations.