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Timebank Hobby & Non-commercial Skills

Timebanks operate within a capitalist democracy, so we all need to keep our day job. If you earn a living as a space planner don’t timebank that expertise. If you fix bicycles for a living, don’t timebank that skill. As a timebanker, you should joyfully share your skills, and that may be harder to do when not being paid for your commercial skills.  Instead, share a skill that you developed through a hobby or volunteering. 

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Welcome Alexis!

Alexis Contreras is the first recipient of the Edgar Cahn Memorial Internship. Alexis is assisting the Timebank in doing outreach primarily to organizations in the North Bay. Alexis is busy developing webinars for BACE and meeting timebank coordinators in the North Bay and around the country. Please welcome her!

Giving Tuesday 2021

Join the global generosity movement on Giving Tuesday and donate to the BACE Timebank on Nov 30, 2021. While we use time as a currency, some of our operating costs can only be paid with dollars. Therefore, every dollar you donate makes a big impact. Specifically, your donation helps pay for technical and marketing services which keeps our timebank operating and open to the general public. We’re helping people recreate their communities and maintain or improve their quality of life.  Please donate today!

New Partner: MyNabes

MyNabes LogoWe are pleased to announce our partnership with MyNabes, a free mutual-aid neighborhood app. When communities work together, reliable and strong neighborhoods become a reality. Learn more at and

Hiding Skills & Talents?

The first Wednesday of the month, members meet to share their skills. I’m surprised when members mention only skills that they’ve derived from paid work. A skill is skill, regardless of the way it was gained. I know someone who has a knack for finding lost pets—it’s not a work skill, just a talent he has. Come to skillshares with skills from paid work and talents you’ve developed over the years.

Strategies for Posting

Get the right people to respond to your post by changing how you post. “Need help with phone” can attract various timebankers as it is a bit vague. But “Need advice on fixing phone” tells people your looking for advice and not someone to fix your phone.