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Look in the Mirror

25…Number of times people said that BACE Timebank needs more financing.  

0…Typical number of times those people completed an exchange in the last year.  

All the financing in the world isn’t going to make your timebank more active. Barriers to timebanking are deep and broad; throwing money at them doesn’t work. For the past two years, BACE has had an ongoing media campaign to combat barriers and myths to timebanking. If you want an active timebank, the best advice we can give is:  Look in the mirror because that person has the power to make a difference!

New in 2024: Timebanking in Jamestown, CA

BACE Timebank is expanding into Tuolumne County by pilot testing timebanking in a small mobile home community in the mountains of Jamestown. Jamestown is 3 square miles, and according to the 2010 Census, Jamestown has 3423 residents, with 40% living in rental housing. Jamestown was a California Gold Rush town and was made a historical landmark in 1949. Do you know someone living in Jamestown, California or nearby?  If so, tell them that BACE Timebank is up and running in Jamestown!  

Giving Tuesday 2023

Join the global generosity movement on Giving Tuesday and donate to the BACE Timebank on Nov 28, 2023. While we use time as a currency, some of our operating costs can only be paid with dollars. Your donation helps pay for technical and promotion services which keeps our timebank free to join and free to use. We’re helping people increase their support networks for obtaining services such as rides to the doctor, pet care, and home-cooked foods. We’re introducing communities like the East Canyon and Montclair in Oakland to timebanking so they can timebank those volunteers who devote time to gardening, developing local newsletters, and doing other projects that build resilient communities in Oakland.  Please donate today!

Timebank Hobby & Non-commercial Skills

Timebanks operate within a capitalist democracy, so we all need to keep our day job.  We want people to share their skills joyfully, and that may be harder to do when sharing a commercial skill and receiving time instead of money.  If you feel frustrated or lacking when you get paid in time instead of money, rethink the skills that you’re timebanking.  Timebankers who want to showcase an unusual talent, consider offering an introductory service. For example, one member offers a 1-card reading (check our divinity category) through the timebank; if you want a full reading, she’ll direct you to her commercial website.

We each have skills beyond those that earn us dollars. If you earn a living as a space planner, then consider timebanking some skill other than space planning. If you fix bicycles for a living, you might consider timebanking advice on bike buying advice.  

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Welcome Alexis!

Alexis Contreras is the first recipient of the Edgar Cahn Memorial Internship. Alexis is assisting the Timebank in doing outreach primarily to organizations in the North Bay. Alexis is busy developing webinars for BACE and meeting timebank coordinators in the North Bay and around the country. Please welcome her!

Giving Tuesday 2021

Join the global generosity movement on Giving Tuesday and donate to the BACE Timebank on Nov 30, 2021. While we use time as a currency, some of our operating costs can only be paid with dollars. Therefore, every dollar you donate makes a big impact. Specifically, your donation helps pay for technical and marketing services which keeps our timebank operating and open to the general public. We’re helping people recreate their communities and maintain or improve their quality of life.  Please donate today!