The Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) Timebank is a group of people in Bay Area, CA who use time as a currency to buy services and goods.

BACE Timebank is unique. We operationalize our mission–94 to 97% of operational costs are paid in hours. BACE Timebank is

  • Open to adults (and youth w/parent) and not-for-profits
  • Available in 12 counties in/around the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Free to register
  • Free to post requests and offers
  • Free to make time exchanges
  • Member-created groups
    • Create interest groups or communities
    • Create projects
  • Able to transfer credits from/to other timebanks
  • Run by an all-volunteer staff (paid in time credit) who
    • Provides updates to timebanking software
    • Provides technical support to members
    • Provides opportunities to build community
    • Promotes timebanking worldwide
  • Supportive of other timebanks, not competitive
  • Financially supported by member donations and small grants

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