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Latino (man) under a ladder painting the outside of a house.

Photo credit: David Janda

The Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) is a timebank where people living in 146 neighborhoods, in 14 counties, in the greater Bay Area, CA earn units of time for services they provide and use units of time to get services they want or need. Learn how it works!

  • 75+ service categories offered in person or virtually
  • Request services you want
  • Offer services you can give
  • Diversity of people, levels of skill, requests, & offers
  • Direct messaging system (no need to share email addresses)
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Build resilient neighborhoods
  • Everyone can serve because everyone has a skill
  • Obtain services without using money!

JOIN the BACE Timebank and POST your service request TODAY!

Comience la hora bancaria – ¡Únete HOY!

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