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daylight savings survey

We were blown away by the response to last month’s “Daylight Savings Survey.” There were 90 + respondents who received an “extra hour” of BACE credit for answering these three questions:

1. What has been your favorite experience on a timebank exchange, or what is your favorite feature on the website?
2. What has been your least favorite experience using the timebank, or something you don’t like/something missing from the website?
3. What do you hope to do with your timebank hour(s)?

The survey is closed, but about half of those who replied agreed to have their answers listed publicly. The results are very heartening and eye-opening—check them out! Here is a link to the collected answers. (Spreadsheet nerds, dig in!)

For the blog’s relaunch, we will be highlighting some of the stories shared through this survey.

All in all it was a very helpful and insightful experiment, and we are tremendously grateful to everyone who participated. It is valuable feedback that can help us make BACE better, together!

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