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September BACE POSSE Party

Thanks to everyone who attended the monthly POSSE Party on Sept 20th at the Happiness Institute in San Francisco! Special thanks to the volunteers who helped with registration, skillshares, childcare, and to everyone who contributed to the bounty of food and drink that was the potluck.

The theme for September was families, and many parents came with their kids, and participated in a “Collage for all Ages” skillshare, hosted by Hannah Hoffman. Later, Shawn Rutan guided the group through an extremely informative skillshare on “Collective Living in the East Bay”.

The Gift Circle was a huge success again this month, with requests and shared resources regarding sacred geometry, motivational and inspirational support, web design, psychology instruction, community spaces, and request to help revive a community space and commercial kitchen in the Bayview district. Contact Hannah Lee Hoffman via the Timebank for more information.

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