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Get Involved & Earn Time

Be part of a movement towards a more sustainable, cooperative and caring economy. Whatever your talent or interest, we can find a place for you in BACE or one of its projects. If you already have a project or you represent an organization, we can help nurture your idea into fruition and provide a large, friendly network of others who are interested. Staff and volunteers work together to meet the mission and vision of the Timebank.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Join the Timebank as an individual or organization (Key!)
  • Use the Timebank by making requests & offers (Key!)
  • Gig Volunteer — help with one task, one time
  • Invite us to speak at your organization’s next meeting
  • Propose a collaboration between your organization and the Timebank

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community and gain skills. All Lead Volunteers/Staff have the option to receive time credit for their service or donate it to the Timebank. Contact us to volunteer, collaborate, or invite us to speak.


“My volunteer effort has been rewarded with my becoming good friends with fun people passionate about complementary currencies, greatly advanced my understanding of the subject, and has a huge positive impact on the monetary architecture of my software projects. I’ve gotten more from volunteering with BACE than I could ever repay.” – Ken Lynch, Founder of Reciprocity

“Serving as a Lead Volunteer/Staff of the Timebank since 2018 has led to ideas and insights on addressing socioeconomic challenges that individuals and neighborhood organizations have endured since 9/11 and were further compounded by the 2008 housing and financial crisis and the following disproportionate unemployment rate among people of color, the California fires in 2020 and floods in 2022, and the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Monica Johnston (2022)