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2023 Member Survey Results

BACE Timebank leaders rely on membership surveys to make programming and outreach decisions. Here is summary of results for our 2023 BACE Membership Survey:

  • 58 members responded
  • 90% of members plan to timebank in 2024
  • Nearly 60% of members plan to timebank in person for half of their exchanges. 
  • Members believe that it is at least somewhat important for people in their neighborhoods to have access to a timebank, but not as many members believe that they personally need access to a timebank. 
  • Members want to keep the timebank free to join and free to use
  • Members want a platform that is easy to use
  • Members were diverse in age, gender identity, race, and languages spoken

Findings suggest that BACE Timebank leaders needs to (1) increase outreach to younger people, BIPOC, and bi-lingual people, (2) improve messaging around mission-driven membership, (3) improve messaging for timebanking as a regular practice, (4) explore ways to improve the timebank platform

Note: Participants were not randomly selected to participate, so results of this survey may not represent the needs and interests of all members.

Member Survey Results

In 2019, we held our first membership survey, and Timebank volunteer Co-Directors responded swiftly to address key concerns mentioned by survey respondents. We learned that members joined the Timebank for ideological reasons of building community and an equitable economy but indicated that the Timebank has little relevance in their daily lives. Members cited lack of diversity of requests and offers, not knowing other members, and not knowing how to use the Timebank as barriers to using the Timebank. However, the majority of respondents said they would increase or maintain their frequency of use. Members asked for weekly digest of emails, a greater diversity of requests and offers, and more face-to-face events. Some expressed interest in leadership roles. 

In the first six months of 2019, Co-Directors responded with 

  • Regular, monthly remote meetings
  • More potlucks
  • Skills building seminar
  • Improved communication through
  • More frequent website blogs
  • How-to videos on using the Timebank
  • Diversifying membership by outreach to Sonoma & Alameda Counties
  • More events in Sonoma County
  • Adding two people to the email support team

Our Co-Directors are exploring ways to bunch or deliver only relevant requests/offers. For more information, please direct questions to Monica at

2019 Membership Survey

Last week we sent a link to our Membership Survey. Results will help organizers plan events to meet timebankers’ needs. Thanks for taking 5 minutes to contribute to the success of the Timebank.