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April 20th, 2012:

Hack with Us at Creative Currency April 27-29

Hack with us at Creative Currency April 27-29 in SF. Creative Currency is an initiative bringing together leading developers and designers with national experts in social finance, local currencies, crowdfunding, sharing platforms, and other leaders of the new economy to envision, prototype, and deploy innovative solutions that reimagine our systems of exchange from the ground up.

How can local currencies support local businesses and community organizations? How can sharing platforms be tailored to fit the needs of under-served communities? How can tools like crowdfunding and microcredit be put to work for social service organizations and individuals alike?

More than a typical hackathon, Collaboration Weekend is the first gathering uniting developers, designers, local leaders, and new economy experts to rapidly prototype community-driven solutions. The BACE Timebank will be one of the projects of the hackathon – we need your support to take this already amazing and already very useful project to the next level as we are a nonprofit and have no funding for paid tech staff. We want to make it more accessible to low income people, seniors and people with disabilities and welcome your innovative ideas to make the Timebank more inclusive and more useful.

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