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February, 2013:

Board Notes 2/13

Attendees:  Amber, Carl, Greg, Daniel, Evan, Johnny,  Leslie, Lisa,  Mark, Megan, Pauline, Rick, Sarah, Seth, Vandana, Victoria, Wendy

Report Backs

  • Amber and Carl set up support@bace
  • Seth got a Thank You for a donor
  • Carl, Amber and Rick participated in a user feedback session (with volunteers) for move to original branch
  • Greg has been working on the blog (security, clean up, etc.)
  • Rick has a party coming up at St Francis Sq. in May

Mountain View launch for new Timebank (Vandana and Pauline)

  • Will focus on healthy aging in place and an intergenerational approach to building healthy communities.

Sarah and Victoria need folks to take a survey for a new mobile app. for Timebanks

  • will be open source and awesome

Johnny on video and Outreach

  • needs an assistant to work on video + has a 1 minute video on how to make a cobb oven
  • Earth Day Festival, wants BACE to table, April 20th 1 – 6, civic center location, wants help with skillshares.

Outreach Reports

  • Greg – Bay Area Sharing Economy? SF Professional Career Networking?
  • Creative Currency – forward email to list
  • Evolver Bay Area – forward email to list

Timebank Retreat Priorities (a raw vote on priorities from a pop-corn session)

  • structure – 7
  • responsibility – 4
  • accountability – 3
  • what are we doing badly? – 4
  • diversity – 3
  • member agreement, liability – 3
  • education – 2
  • board member rotation – 1
  • grow capacity – 1
  • make meetings better (food) – 1
  • grassroots led organization – 2
  • what is our goal – 8
  • nature of leadership – 1
  • take stock of resources – 4
  • what are our needs – 3
  • working groups (tech, admin, outreach and inreach) – 4
  • localize the BACE Timebank – 3
  • organizational partnerships – 4
  • strategy and tactics – 5
  • scaling up/scaling down – 0
  • day to day operations/policy/operations

Timebank Retreat Announcement will go out to Timebank, Facebook, blog, etc.

–notes taken by Rick

TimeBanking News for 2/15/2013

“I care about the BACE Timebank!” Retreat and Potluck

bace mixer nov 09 pic 2For BACE’s first retreat of 2013, we’ll be looking to better structure ourselves, deepen our roots, and take some long looks at what the next steps are for the BACE Timebank.

You don’t need to have any background in activism, organizing, fund-raising, etc… just a love for the Timebank and what it represents.

Some topics we’ll be discussing:

What are our long-term and short-term goals?
How can we best serve the needs of our surrounding communities?
What are our financial priorities?
How can we break out into regional groups like North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, and SF, to better engage people locally?

For more information, and to RSVP, click here.