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30 No/Low-Contact Exchanges

Internet research: pick a topic
Interior design: send photos of your space
Event planning/support
Computer/printer/cell support
Software support
Tree care
Garden care
Pet care (feeding)
Pet care (walking, playing, grooming, etc.)
Washing car
Teaching (pick a topic)
Coaching, personal
Coaching, professional
Document review (resume, grant proposal, EOB, etc.)
Deep listening
Advice/Suggestions: pick a topic
Exercise classes (outdoor)
Exercise buddy (social distance as needed, swimming)
Grocery buddy (reduce trips to the store, save by bulk buying, etc.)
Accountability buddy (reduce avoidance, build healthy habits, etc.)
Grocery shopping (1 person does shopping for another)
Running errands
Writing/typing letters
Recycling small appliances, electronics, etc.
Large-scale recycling for cash
Junk assessment/removal to appropriate locations

Can you add to this list?