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Inspiration: Incubating A Worker Cooperative On A Shoestring With Time Banks


Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels of hOur World talk about Time Banks in a presentation for PODER in San Francisco October 11, 2011. Time Banks are a way to get and receive services without total dependence on cash. Their roots reach deep into our history and saved many during the Depression of the 1930’s. Time Banks are making a giant comeback- and this time may be here for good!

tedX Mother T’s -> “the main emphasis is the social sphere, not the economic sphere…”



Inspiration from Mother T’s

Valerie Miller is one of the co-founders of Mother T’s, a community centre whose objective is to rebuild community, facilitate connection and tackle problems such as loneliness and isolation. The team are setting up a ‘time bank’, a system of reciprocal service exchange where hours of time are used as currency.

The team behind Mother T’s believe it has the potential to transform the way we live our lives, putting the emphasis back on ‘community’.

Valerie and the Mother T’s team drew inspiration from friends who recently set up a similar project, Northern Lights, in Ramsey.



Time Bank Potluck – Omni in 30 seconds

Join us for our next General Monthly meeting at Potluck August 5th!


No More Throwaway People – Public Banking as a First Step in the Right Direction

2014 Slow Living Breakout Session: Edgar Cahn, Time Banking

No more throwaway people — Our economy doesn’t value such core activities as home care, community service, social justice activism and skill sharing. Time Banking addresses that crucial unmet need. In this session we present Time Banking as a model of economics that acknowledges the value of all people and the dignity of all work. Our panel will explore the many uses of Time Banks to create a more just society, looking forward and applying these ideas in new and more inter-connected ways that will build our impact.

Edgar Cahn, founder of Time Banking, author of No More Throwaway People; Stephanie Rearick, Director of the Dane County, Wisconsin Time Bank, and Gwen Hallsmith, author, founder of Global Community Initiatives. Moderated by Linda Weil, former Time Bank coordinator

“Some people are just wired differently”

The godfather of Time Banking says why money will never be enough, and the reason why some humans are wired so differently

Potluck meeting! July 1, Wednesday, 6:30pm at the Omni


2015 things are getting started again. Here are some folks hard at work

This Wednesday the next meeting is at the Omni Commons at 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA.  On the corner of 48th St & Shattuck.

  • Sign up at the Meetup page!
  • Our meeting location within the Omni building may vary.  Please check the whiteboard for our directions!
  • If the front door is locked, simply ring the doorbell which is high up on the right side.

If you can, bring some food or a non-alcoholic beverage to share, as well as any necessary utensils.  But please join us with or without a potluck offering!

omni1 There is a kitchen at the Omni as well that is shared by Food Not Bombs.


On the first Wednesday of each month the BACE Timebank holds our general meetings. Come meet others interested in non-cash mutual aid, and help us make the timebank awesome! We try to make participation easy, as BACE is an all-volunteer collective. Without community, there is no BACE. 

Schedule:  (Every 1st Wed of the month)

  • 6:30 – 7:00 pm – Intro and Orientation for new Timebank Members and Interested Community
  • 7:00 – 8:00 pm – General Meeting
  • 8:00 – 8:30 pm – Breakout groups / post-meeting discussion

Please feel free to come to this meeting if you’d like to volunteer, to be part of the decision making process at the timebank, or if you’d just like to check out what the timebank is all about.

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