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Grand Ave Clean-up

February 11 @ 9:00 AM 11:00 AM

We’ll start at the bus stop in front of The Star and end at the Cafe Romanat at 462 Santa Clara. Earn 1 credit hour for every 1 hour of service plus travel time. Please bring a broom, if you have one, and gloves.

The Star

3425 Grand Ave
Oakland, California 94610 United States
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Grand Ave Cleanup (& Earn Time)

February 3 @ 9:00 AM 11:00 AM

Grand Ave is a business/residential district in Oakland, CA. Join us this Saturday to remove litter, recyclables, weeds, and leaves. We start at 3535 Grand Ave and move toward the freeway. You may arrive later, as your schedule allows. We’re a small team (1-3 people), so you’ll need to park and stroll about.

REMEMBER: Feed the meter with coins or debit/credit card (We reimburse in cash AT the event only.)

BRING: Gloves (and tools if you have them). Bags and removal provided. (Helpful tools: wide broom, rake, 6-inch pruning sheers, V-tool for removing weeds, mini-broom/pan, spray bottle with cleaning agent & cloth/paper towels), graffiti removal agent).

EARN: Up to 2 BACE Timebank Credit Hours (CH) plus 1 CH for travel.


Meet at

3535 Grand Ave
Oakland, California 94610 United States
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2019-2020 Planning Meeting, Sprints & Potluck

Join us! Start with 15 minute sprints:  high-impact, interactive learning to support you at work or in leadership roles.  Next, dive into our always-yummy potlucks.  Stay for afternoon breakout sessions to co-plan Timebank events for 2019-2020. Click here for registration, program, & speakers.

Meetings Relocated

Until April 2013, all BACE general meetings were held at Noisebridge on the second Wednesday of every month. Starting then, if you were watching the sidebar on the homepage, you may have noticed a change. April’s meeting was held at the Sudo Room in Oakland instead. May’s meeting will be held back at Noisebridge, June’s at the Sudo Room, and so on.

Currently, we are holding the general meeting at the Sudo Room in even numbered months and at Noisebridge in odd numbered months. The plan is to continue this arrangement for six months, then re-evaluate it and determine if we should continue to alternate meeting locations between Noisebridge and the Sudo Room or choose another arrangement.

The decision to alternate meeting spaces was made largely so that we could better accommodate both San Francisco and East Bay members. Wherever we hold our meetings, we realize that some people will have to cross the bay, that some who would be able to attend at Noisebridge can’t make it to the Sudo Room, and vice versa. On the plus side, alternating meeting spaces allows a greater range of people to attend the meetings, even if it means that some can no longer do so every month.

All general meetings are open to all BACE members, and all meeting attendees are welcome to make proposals and to vote on them. If you have an opinion on this or any other Timebank issue, please come to a meeting and make your voice heard! And if you cannot attend a meeting, you are welcome to email your thoughts, questions, and suggestions to