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Board Notes – 1/16


  • New email addresses
  • Hayes Valley Farm bug still not fixed
  • Case of mysterious disappearing profile still unsolved
  • Amber presented at the Community Living Campaign

Goals for the next year on the Timebank:

  • Carl – new website up and rocking
  • Seth – less chaos, more professionalism via the new website
  • Megan – get confidentiality up and running
  • Claudia – get more involved, plug into the community
  • Amber – get TB available to folks without computers and redefine structure (who we are, how we do it)
  • Ricardo – demonstrate how we function as a region, making TB more sustainably run and bringing TB to folks without computers via Warm Houses


  • January POSSE party – not gonna happen. We’ll focus on February.
  • Focus more internally
  • Bank account – not open yet, Amber still needs more info
  • Got $400 donation!
  • Ask for thank you gift / card via the Timebank
  • Tech help needed – usability testers needed, content revamp needed. Weekends are good for folks. Incorporate Aaron Shwarts Memorial Hackathon for TB tech? Usability test at Noisebridge.
  • 2 hour usability test at Noisebridge Fri, 1/25 1-3pm.
  • February 17 for retreat, time and place TBA
  • Start working together beforehand more meaningfully.
  • Rick and Amber will work on content.
  • Get orgizational-minded folks from the TB to come to retreat
  • Wayne offered to help with organization stuff.
  • Increase diversity of voices at the table at the retreat
  • Create tools to make it easier for people to plug in to the TB, spread the word, etc.
  • Rotation of duties
  • Is the privacy issue fixable technically? Future issue after launch. Is commenting enabled on the blog? Post a request for blog tech guru.

— notes by Seth

Timebank Board Meeting Wednesday, March 14

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 14, is the Timebank’s monthly board meeting. It is always at 8pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St (b/w 18th and 17th). The board meeting is open to whoever wants to come.

That said, we have lots of work to plow through, and if you are new to the Timebank and have general questions about how it works, it might be sorta boring. We always have a board member there at 7:30pm who does a general info session. That’s geared for new folks who want to learn more who might be bored by the general board meeting.

TL;DR: board meeting Wednesday night at 8pm, info session for newbies at 7:30pm, both open to all.

Here’s the link to the meetup event if that’s your thing.

The Monthly profiles East Bay sharing systems

The Monthly profiled East Bay sharing systems called Dare to Share. I dare you to read it.

Timebank <3 Biketopia

The BACE Timebank <3 Biketopia, a nonprofit bike kitchen / bike shop hybrid started by SF Bike Kitchen volunteer Zach Cohen. You can get your bike fixed by professional mechanics or learn how to do it yourself. Biketopia also has a youth training program that works with local youth organizations to teach kids how to fix bikes. You can use your Timebank hours to get your bike fixed! Check out this Ecolocalizer article about Biketopia for more info.

Bike Kitchens

Mira Luna, a Timebank board member, wrote this rad article about bike kitchens near and far, including Timebank faves the SF Bike Kitchen and Biketopia, both of which accept Timebank hours 🙂

Shareable article about the Timebank Holiday Fair published a story about the Timebank Holiday Fair.  Check it out.  If you came and have feedback, please leave it in the comments.