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A Call for Resources

At a time when many people are expressing lack–lack of work, sundries, hand sanitizer, or a good haircut–I’m surprised to hear people say “….timebanking is a nice idea, but that’s not how the real world works.”  Why not? Maybe social distancing rules prevent you from your job at a salon, but you can build your clientele by offering pointers on how to trim those mops in exchange for hours of credit.  When you go back to work who will they come to for a proper cut? Earn hours:  Do you know of someone offering free resources in the Bay Area?  Email us the contact information so we can list it on our Resources page, and you’ll receive 0.5 hour time credit for each resource you identify.

Timebanking During S-I-P

How can you timebank while sheltering-in-place? Think “services”.  Earn/spend hours engaging in education:  teach/learn to interpret art from a diversity of communities, to read music, to speak Spanish, to communicate with American Sign Language, or to sharpen your cooking skills. On the home front, give/receive support with grocery runs, Internet searches (for scholarships, an apartment, etc.), or home, bike & car repair. On the job front, give/receive support on developing a LinkedIn profile, creating a website to launch a member’s products, or hunting for jobs.  You can even earn hours promoting the Timebank this summer.

Timebankers Without Time?

I’m bemused when timebankers tell me that they don’t have time to timebank. Who has more time than a timebanker? You earn time doing things for others, and you can spend time you don’t have because time debt is permitted. This spring, take control of your time; ask timebankers to help with pet care, spring cleaning, recycling, surfing for information you need, and more.

Did You Grow in 2018?

A friend remarked that her tall 19-year old son grew taller while in college last year. We’re all growing, all the time, gaining new experiences, skills, and talents. Review your profile, skills categories and offerings. Can you add something new?

2019 Resolutions & Timebanking

Happy New Year! Reviewing my 2018 exchanges, I see how the Timebank made a difference in my sense of community. I enjoyed offering my skill for tutoring and appreciated receiving the talents that other timebankers shared with me. What do you see when you review your exchanges? Integrating the Timebank into your life is easy. Even better, you’re strengthening your community each time you use the Timebank. Use 2019 to share your talents with the timebanking community and begin resolving some of those New Year’s resolutions with the help of the timebanking community.

Make Time Banking Central to Your Life

The key to making time banking more popular in your community is to first make time banking central to your life.  Many people start their professional day by checking their email. I’m suggesting that time bankers make BACE part of their morning ritual. Make a request.  Post an offer.  And then check back at the end of your day. Move yourself from occasional use to monthly use, from monthly to weekly, and from weekly to daily. When you’re at daily use of the time bank, you’re hooked.   When you’re at near daily use of time banking, it can’t help but enter your everyday conversations with friends, relatives, business owners, etc. You may feel inclined to blog about it or mention it at a sharing economy conference. It is your enthusiasm which helps the time banking community grow.   Help grow BACE and transform our communities by being a daily time banker!