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August’s POSSE Party

On August 23rd we gathered at the Happiness Institute for gift circles, yummy food and skillshares in yoga, massage, meditation and dance.

We had two gift circles, one for the early birds, and one in the middle of the evening. 15 to 20 people gathered in a room and went around the circle, introducing ourselves and what was on our minds. Taking the time to sit in a circle and listen to each other, we began to build trust and feel relaxed. We became able to describe how we were feeling, to ask for what we might need and declare what we could offer. There were a number of exchanges that sprang from the two gift circles.

For the duration, the party’s energy flowed really smoothly. The volunteers who brought food, shared skills, and helped run the event really made it all possible. People who came were engaged by volunteers and by each other in a way that felt intentional and organic.

One of the lessons of the event was that participants were enjoying the skillshares so much, we didn’t have time for all the classes we booked – even staying an hour later than planned! Our skillsharers were very gracious, though. We appreciate their understanding and look forward to working with them again.

If you are interested in throwing a POSSE Party in your neck of the Bay Area and don’t know where to start, we can break it down into easy steps for you. Contact Rick at, or call Amber at 415-699-7011.

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