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March 2014 – BACE Staff Meeting Notes

BACE meeting minutes • Noisebridge • 5 Mar 2014 FINAL

Present: Megan Stoddard, Nicole Wires, Ricardo Simon, Eric Mauer, Emily

Wheeler, Cynthia Lee, Carl Gorringe, Wendy Yu

1. BACE bank accounts

We currently have two checking accounts: Patelco and SF Fire. We need to

close the Patelco account; it cannot be used to pay our monthly bills. The

two people whose names are on the SF Fire account are no longer active

with BACE and wish to have their names removed. Because no one else has

a San Francisco mailing address that could be associated with the SF Fire

account, it was decided to close it. Emily will investigate opening an

account at One Pacific Coast Bank, a B corporation in downtown Oakland.

2. Tech team

No one has volunteered to replace Carl as the tech lead. The scope of the

work that is urgently needed is not too extensive. Ricardo explained that

returning to the original source code could happen fairly easily. We can pay

Tom Brown to do it, but we need someone from BACE to work with him.

Lisa Renery started to work with Tom last fall but left suddenly. Megan

will contact Lisa to ask for meeting notes. A new test site has already been

created. Carl, Nicole, Megan, and Rick will work on finalizing the

switchover to the new site. A half-day working session is planned so that

Carl can train others; the date has not been set.

3. Support emails

Nicole volunteered to check for support emails. If she gets questions she

can’t answer, she will ask Megan for help.

5. DIY festival

Emily checked with Oakland’s Parks and Rec department about holding a

DIY festival at San Antonio Park on June 21st

$300 deposit, and fundraising would be prohibited. The team has decided

to go ahead with plans to have the event there without a permit. We will

start inviting organizations to participate.

6. Input from the collective

We still need to solicit the input of BACE members about changing the terms

we use. Instead of a ‘board,’ we would be a ‘staff’ or ‘volunteer staff;’

instead of doing ‘governance,’ we would do ‘administration.’ Emily will

learn how to send a newsletter to the collective. The newsletter will invite

members to comment on the proposed terms.

. The cost would be $180 plus a

8. Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 2nd, at Sudo Room.

6:30 – 7:00 Pre-meeting orientation for those new to BACE

7:00 – 8:00 General meeting

8:00 – 8:30 Post-meeting “nuts and bolts” discussion

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