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Last Wed of the Month: Skillshare

March 27 @ 7:00 PM 7:30 PM

Meet other timebankers, request a service, make an offer; join us by Zoom.


BACE Staff

Last Wed of the Month: Skillshare

February 28 @ 7:00 PM 7:30 PM

An opportunity to introduce yourself, make a request, and make an offer; join us by Zoom.


BACE Staff

Look in the Mirror

25…Number of times people said that BACE Timebank needs more financing.  

0…Typical number of times those people completed an exchange in the last year.  

All the financing in the world isn’t going to make your timebank more active. Barriers to timebanking are deep and broad; throwing money at them doesn’t work. For the past two years, BACE has had an ongoing media campaign to combat barriers and myths to timebanking. If you want an active timebank, the best advice we can give is:  Look in the mirror because that person has the power to make a difference!

Timebank Hobby & Non-commercial Skills

Timebanks operate within a capitalist democracy, so we all need to keep our day job.  We want people to share their skills joyfully, and that may be harder to do when sharing a commercial skill and receiving time instead of money.  If you feel frustrated or lacking when you get paid in time instead of money, rethink the skills that you’re timebanking.  Timebankers who want to showcase an unusual talent, consider offering an introductory service. For example, one member offers a 1-card reading (check our divinity category) through the timebank; if you want a full reading, she’ll direct you to her commercial website.

We each have skills beyond those that earn us dollars. If you earn a living as a space planner, then consider timebanking some skill other than space planning. If you fix bicycles for a living, you might consider timebanking advice on bike buying advice.  

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Timebanking Amidst Crises

Crises bring stress and impact your well-being–health, financial, emotional, social, spiritual–and can extend to impact your immediate and global communities. There are many ways to use your Timebank to cope when you are in a crisis. First, update your profile with your skills and needs, and reduce your “area” list to just one neighborhood if you’ve received too much email over the past year. Second, post requests and offers. Timebankers who have had their hours or their job(s) cut may be seeking help updating and proofreading their resumes.  Some may be seeking help from online researchers to access needed resources. Some Timebankers may need help developing a business plan for their new online business. Some may need advice on building remote working skills. Some may just need someone to listen to their concerns. Some may be students (or have kids) who are “in school”, but they are being homeschooled and learning online. There are a number of Timebankers who have extraordinary experience homeschooling and learning online, as I recently reached out to three of them. Your Timebank is a huge resource for you to use!