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Board Meeting Notes 3/13/13

BACE general meeting – Wed March 13, 2013 @ Noisebridge


Board Notes 2/13

Attendees:  Amber, Carl, Greg, Daniel, Evan, Johnny,  Leslie, Lisa,  Mark, Megan, Pauline, Rick, Sarah, Seth, Vandana, Victoria, Wendy

Report Backs

  • Amber and Carl set up support@bace
  • Seth got a Thank You for a donor
  • Carl, Amber and Rick participated in a user feedback session (with volunteers) for move to original branch
  • Greg has been working on the blog (security, clean up, etc.)
  • Rick has a party coming up at St Francis Sq. in May

Mountain View launch for new Timebank (Vandana and Pauline)

  • Will focus on healthy aging in place and an intergenerational approach to building healthy communities.

Sarah and Victoria need folks to take a survey for a new mobile app. for Timebanks

  • will be open source and awesome

Johnny on video and Outreach

  • needs an assistant to work on video + has a 1 minute video on how to make a cobb oven
  • Earth Day Festival, wants BACE to table, April 20th 1 – 6, civic center location, wants help with skillshares.

Outreach Reports

  • Greg – Bay Area Sharing Economy? SF Professional Career Networking?
  • Creative Currency – forward email to list
  • Evolver Bay Area – forward email to list

Timebank Retreat Priorities (a raw vote on priorities from a pop-corn session)

  • structure – 7
  • responsibility – 4
  • accountability – 3
  • what are we doing badly? – 4
  • diversity – 3
  • member agreement, liability – 3
  • education – 2
  • board member rotation – 1
  • grow capacity – 1
  • make meetings better (food) – 1
  • grassroots led organization – 2
  • what is our goal – 8
  • nature of leadership – 1
  • take stock of resources – 4
  • what are our needs – 3
  • working groups (tech, admin, outreach and inreach) – 4
  • localize the BACE Timebank – 3
  • organizational partnerships – 4
  • strategy and tactics – 5
  • scaling up/scaling down – 0
  • day to day operations/policy/operations

Timebank Retreat Announcement will go out to Timebank, Facebook, blog, etc.

–notes taken by Rick

Board Notes – 1/16


  • New email addresses
  • Hayes Valley Farm bug still not fixed
  • Case of mysterious disappearing profile still unsolved
  • Amber presented at the Community Living Campaign

Goals for the next year on the Timebank:

  • Carl – new website up and rocking
  • Seth – less chaos, more professionalism via the new website
  • Megan – get confidentiality up and running
  • Claudia – get more involved, plug into the community
  • Amber – get TB available to folks without computers and redefine structure (who we are, how we do it)
  • Ricardo – demonstrate how we function as a region, making TB more sustainably run and bringing TB to folks without computers via Warm Houses


  • January POSSE party – not gonna happen. We’ll focus on February.
  • Focus more internally
  • Bank account – not open yet, Amber still needs more info
  • Got $400 donation!
  • Ask for thank you gift / card via the Timebank
  • Tech help needed – usability testers needed, content revamp needed. Weekends are good for folks. Incorporate Aaron Shwarts Memorial Hackathon for TB tech? Usability test at Noisebridge.
  • 2 hour usability test at Noisebridge Fri, 1/25 1-3pm.
  • February 17 for retreat, time and place TBA
  • Start working together beforehand more meaningfully.
  • Rick and Amber will work on content.
  • Get orgizational-minded folks from the TB to come to retreat
  • Wayne offered to help with organization stuff.
  • Increase diversity of voices at the table at the retreat
  • Create tools to make it easier for people to plug in to the TB, spread the word, etc.
  • Rotation of duties
  • Is the privacy issue fixable technically? Future issue after launch. Is commenting enabled on the blog? Post a request for blog tech guru.

— notes by Seth