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July 13th, 2015:

No More Throwaway People – Public Banking as a First Step in the Right Direction

2014 Slow Living Breakout Session: Edgar Cahn, Time Banking

No more throwaway people — Our economy doesn’t value such core activities as home care, community service, social justice activism and skill sharing. Time Banking addresses that crucial unmet need. In this session we present Time Banking as a model of economics that acknowledges the value of all people and the dignity of all work. Our panel will explore the many uses of Time Banks to create a more just society, looking forward and applying these ideas in new and more inter-connected ways that will build our impact.

Edgar Cahn, founder of Time Banking, author of No More Throwaway People; Stephanie Rearick, Director of the Dane County, Wisconsin Time Bank, and Gwen Hallsmith, author, founder of Global Community Initiatives. Moderated by Linda Weil, former Time Bank coordinator